the first taste.

This video doesn’t need a lot of introduction. I saw it last night on Huffington Post and knew I had to share it. It’s a bunch of poor little babes tasting new (mostly nasty) foods for the first time and their reactions to said foods in slow motion. As a mom to a one year old, I’ve seen all of these faces before. Looks like they’re pretty universal across the board. Happy Friday!

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PS-I had to Google Vegemite and Gherkin. Where am I?


  1. We knew a family stationed in Australia and them sent us some vegemite. It’s like someone decided to grind up three bouillon cubes, makes it into a paste and serve it on a small cracker. It is SO salty. I like salty foods, but this was like OMG I HAVE FOREVER LOST FEELING IN MY TONGUE. But I hear they like it! What is gherkin??

  2. I’m wondering what kind of Olive that was…green or greek or what. My kids have eaten black olives since before they were supposed to have solid foods…that makes for fun surprises in diapers 🙂

    My daughter still asks for lemons to eat though…she has ALWAYS loved it, but her face is classic when she gets the sour. My son was more of a lime guy, but doesn’t quite like them anymore.

    • Maddie’s never had a lemon before, but now I know what I’m going to give her next time we’re out to eat and get one with my water!! Too funny.

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