binge and splurge.

After Thursday night, I knew we needed to have a good Friday night, and I couldn’t leave it to chance. So I took matters into my own hands. We would have a family date night!

Off to Target went the girls, with one goal- supplies for ice cream sundaes. We left with that and then some (dangerous place, that Target) and stopped at Chipotle for a couple of burrito bowls for dinner (because take-out makes Mama happy).

Our haul from Target
Vanilla Swiss Almond and Chocolate Peanut Butter Haagen Daas- it doesn’t get better. And, yes, that’s our bird book on the back window sill. Nerds.

On the way home, about 4PM, Andy texted saying he had gotten off early and was already home, setting us up perfectly for our good night. And it was really good! We played at the water table with Madeline, ate an early dinner (Maddie used one of her new autumn plates), put the baby to bed full and happy, lit our new Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works and watched Beasts of a Southern Wild (side note: we have no idea what the movie was about, but the little girl was marvelous and quite worthy of her Best Actress nomination). The only bad part was that the Chipotle had us so full that we had to postpone the ice cream sundaes until Saturday night, which wasn’t bad at all, really. It was just delicious.

Never underestimate the power of a good binge and splurge. We’ve been smiling ever since (although that could just be the sugar high)!


  1. You needed something to smile about after your red splotches, cable issues, and bloop. Bring on the ice cream!

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