a hot mess.

This morning I opened my eyes and thought, “Wow, I really do NOT want to run. Like 0/10.” Then I checked the weather on my phone – 79 degrees by 8AM. Awesome. (I have a personal rule that I do not like to run in temperatures above 74 degrees. Above 74 degrees is sweatfest USA, no matter how hard I’m working, and I am just not that into that.) Then I remembered I haven’t run in five days (resting my knee after falling down a hill with dog and stroller). Then I got up and put on my running clothes.

The first mile was terrible, but the podcast I had picked was about coming back after an injury, and the ladies were talking about how the first mile always stinks, but then you find your rhythm. So I pushed through. 
Mile two was better, but I was running into the wind and felt like I would probably be faster if I was just walking. I was watching my shadow barely making any progress and trying to convince myself I was really going much faster than her.
By mile three I was almost home but still had more time to make up, so I took took a couple extra loops on blocks close to my house. They were all uphill and into the sun. I need my favorite iPhone emoticon to insert here…the first grade smile.
By the time I made it to the five minute cool down, my face was purple, I was sweating enough to fill up Maddie’s water table for this afternoon and I was praying all of my neighbors stayed inside their homes and did not try to engage me or I would collapse at their feet- not because I had to (I felt pretty okay), but because I’d have to commit to the bit at that point and at that point I was a HOT MESS.
I did 2.83 miles in 30 minutes of running (10:35 miles) and .56 in 10 minutes of walking. I logged my best total distance to date. My knee felt good. So I’m back in the game.
Does anyone have good strategies for getting over the mental hurdles you face while running? Do you pretend you’re being chased? Do you cry, “Run, Forrest, RUN!” over and over in your head? Do you hum Chariots of Fire while pretending to carry the Olympic torch? Sometimes I call out to Madeline and tell her she’s killing it! Doing an awesome job! And then she does some unimpressed yell that fuels me to keep going. What are your pro-tips?


  1. I have no such advice. I also have a mental block when it comes to running. When I got to the end of this post, I can’t believe that you did all this running WITH MADDIE! YOU GO GIRL!

    • Thanks, girl! It’s hard, but in a way it’s good, because if I can do it with her, I’ll bet I can do it even better without! I know that I’ve got some more potential in my back pocket!

  2. Ali Chersicla says

    I’ve pretty much tried every mental thing to get me through, the one working lately is usually, after this pain, you have the whole rest of the day to be happy that you finished, and you won’t have to run any more today. I also try to imagine Rick & Kate being at the finish line, or someone who I respect running behind me so I don’t slow down/crap out.

    • Ali- I LOVE the idea to visualize someone I respect/want to impress behind me!! On Wednesday, John Mayer and I will be going out on a run. I hope he likes the view from behind. I will be SO fast!

  3. cousin justin says

    Read “Ultra Marathon Man” by Dean Karnazes, very inspiring book. He went from 30 year old on a couch to a guy who ran 300 miles in 3 days non-stop. Trained with Rangers. Mantra: put one foot in front of the other

  4. I have no real advice because I am not a runner. I do like to walk and find that listening to something on my ipod and having a regular time to do it really helps me out. I think you are doing well 🙂

  5. Hey, at least you’re getting out there! Motivation to get going is my biggest issue.

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