a few hours and money well spent.

Yesterday, Maddie and I went to shop at the bi-annual Hugs and Kisses Children’s Consignment Sale. The sale is held at the Crown Expo Center in Fayetteville, NC. It is a GENIUS idea, and I wish I had thought of it myself. Anyone can consign anything baby/child related- clothes, books, toys, furniture, highchairs, strollers, car seats, etc. And anyone can come to shop- there’s no admission fee or parking fee.

At the spring sale, I got to shop early as a “Friend of a Consigner,” a full day ahead of the general public. We got some clothes and books. It was exciting, but I was grossly under-prepared to shop the sale efficiently. Women were there with their moms and sisters and calculators and laundry baskets, filling bins with gently used wardrobes for all of their children for the coming season for a fraction of what they would pay for new clothes. I knew at the next sale, I would be better prepared. And I was.

I consigned a small box of items that we either hadn’t used or hadn’t worked for Maddie (certain bottle and pacifiers she didn’t take to), and this allowed me to shop even earlier at the fall sale. I was part of the elite second group allowed in, and it totally paid off. I went with a list of things I was looking for- a Halloween costume, fall jackets and a winter coat, 18 and 18-24 month clothes and pjs, size 3 and 4 shoes and books. And I took off at a brisk walk (read: knocking people down like bowling pins with my stroller).

Three hours later (yes, I went through every article of clothing on the rack in her sizes), we walked out with 53 items, which included Maddie’s entire fall/winter wardrobe (minus a few small additions) furnished by The Children’s Place, Baby Gap, H&M, Faded Glory, Hanna Anderson and Ralph Lauren, shoes that fit her  now and next (including an awesome pair of hot pink Converse), a Pottery Barn Kids pumpkin costume, books, a vinyl bib (WHY did no one tell me how efficient these are??) and some child safety locks for a couple cabinets. Total spent? $165.

 ::drops the mic::

There are a couple morals to this story

  1. Children’s consignment sales are a win/win. You can make back good money on all of the stuff you are forced to acquire with kids, and you can get really good quality, name brand items for your children without spending a fortune. 
  2. These sales need to exist, exactly as this one, everywhere. Everything was extremely organized- from inputting your items into an online database, printing computer-generated tags for all your items and assigned drop off times, to the quality controlled, well-layed out sales floor. It was a pleasure to consign and shop. A few hours and money well spent!
  3. After three hours in an expo center full of crying babies, frantic mommies and tons and tons of stuff, it is only right to treat yo self (and your perfectly well-behaved baby who sat in the stroller stuffing her face with goldfish and never complained once the entire time) to a fro-yo. You do you.
                       Crying baby in glitter shoes


  1. Pssst … my family’s church in Raleigh has a high-end consignment sale that works almost exactly like this…and it’s the weekend of September 13th. I get pretty much all of Betsy’s stuff at these, and the stuff is SUPER high quality. They have them twice a year! If you want more info, email me. 🙂

  2. I totally did this two years ago, it was AWESOME! I spent less than $100 and got the two younger kids fully outfitted for two seasons, plus winter coats and snow suits!

  3. Ahhh I wanna go with you!! Sounds AWESOME.

  4. OMG! I wish they had those near us!!! I would love to get rid of some of our stuff that we are no longer using. What an AWESOME idea!!!!


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