for my daughter, madeline, having turned one.

Littlest lady, girl baby, girl girl, chicken, chicken nugget, Maddie, Madeline.

Just over a week ago you became one year old. One year ago, Daddy’s and my life changed in ways we could never have imagined. You brought us so much joy and happiness with your very first breath; so much purpose and humility with your very first cry; so much peace and contentedness with the first time you shut your eyes to sleep; so much patience and grace with each new day. 

Maddie, honey, you are the best thing to happen to us. You are the best thing to happen to our marriage. You are the best thing to happen for so many reasons, for so many others, too. They say there is nothing like like your first child, and you, sweet little girl, are the best. You are the one who made Daddy and I parents. You have shown us what it means to love unconditionally. You have shown us what it means to feel full. 

When I announced your birth here, a year ago today, I said you can’t rush perfection.

Today I say this- Madeline Iris, you are perfection. Please take your time growing up so that we can continue to enjoy every single second. I love you. So much.


Baby pictures from newborn to one year old


  1. Brought tears to my eyes! Thank u for sharing

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