true life: i’m a ranger school wife — save the date.

Here are the important days of Ranger School to mark on your calendar:

  • Day 0 (Sunday)
    • Also known as the first day of Ranger School, this is the day your ranger reports to Camp Rogers for the start of RAP week.
  • Day 4 (Thursday)
    • If you have not gotten a phone call from your ranger by this day, he has passed RAP week and is moving on to Darby Phase!
  • Day 18 (Thursday)
    • Possible phone call from your ranger, letting you know he passed. If this phone call comes, it will probably come later at night, like after 10ish. (I never got a call from Andy, even though he had passed)
  • Day 19 (Friday)
    • End of Phase 1!
      • If your ranger passed Darby, he will receive an eight hour pass on this day. Rangers use this time to re-fit aka restock supplies, eat, sleep, do laundry and ready themselves for the second phase of Ranger School. If you are local, you can pick your ranger up and spend this time with him. If you’re not,  he can grab a taxi (there are tons waiting outside of the gate) and head to the PX, a restaurant or even a hotel to get some sleep!
      • If you ranger recycled Darby, he should be able to call you today by 5PM letting you know.
  • Day 20 (Saturday)
    • Rangers are bussed up to Camp Merrill in Dahlonega, GA (a four hour ride) and begin Phase 2- Mountains!
  • Day 40 (Friday)
    • End of Phase 2! 
      • Possible phone call from your ranger letting you know he passed. Rangers receive a four hour pass for re-fit. This is NOT a visitation pass.
  • Day 41 (Saturday)
    • Rangers are bussed or flown down and tossed into Camp Rudder at Eglin Air Force Base, FL and begin Phase 3- Swamps!
  • Day 56 (Sunday)
    • Get ready for phone call from your soldier, letting you know he will be getting his Ranger Tab! Calls usually begin this evening, but can come as late as Day 58 (Tuesday).
  • Day 59 (Wednesday)
    • Rangers should get an eight hour pass.* If you are local, you can pick him up and spend this time together!
  • Day 60 (Thursday)
    • Rangers should get a 12 hour pass.* If you are local, you can pick him up and spend this time together! 
  • Day 61 (Friday)
    • Graduation Day!!
      • Seating begins at 9AM.
      • Rangers In Action demonstration begins at 10AM.
      • Cermony begins at 11AM and lasts approximately 45 minutes.
*These passes are subject to change.

Ranger tab


  1. Graduation was so fun! I can’t wait to see pictures from your hubby’s when the time comes!

    • Lora- I was just looking at your man’s grad pics; he looked awesome! Not like an exhausted, starving Ranger, at all! And your boys in their Ranger gear…I’m going to have to get Maddie some swag when we get the good news!

  2. Day 41 (Saturday)

    Rangers are bussed down **or thrown out of a plane** to Camp Rudder at Eglin Air Force Base, FL and begin Phase 3- Swamps!

    Love the visualization of these deadlines! Next Friday cannot arrive sooner.

  3. This is super helpful. My ranger is leaving tomorrow.

  4. With regards to the eight hour pass after darby, what time does the pass start? Do you know?

    • I believe ours was in the morning around 9AM, because I remember ladies meeting for breakfast beforehand. But it’s best to be sure by checking with your ranger (if he is able to call) or other wives (on his class Facebook group), if possible!

  5. Alright! Awesome. Thank you for your help!!

  6. Hi! So my husband is looking into going to ranger school. He’s currently in AIT. I was reading some of your posts and didn’t see you mention anything on RASP school. Do you have any info on that?

    • Hi Hannah- So very sorry your comment got lost! My husband didn’t go through a RASP program, so unfortunately I can’t speak on that. I hope you have since found the info you were looking for! And again, so sorry to have missed this! – Allison

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