true life: i’m a ranger school wife.

I think almost every Army wife/fiance/girlfriend/family member whose soldier is in Ranger School has at some point scoured the internet looking for answers to their (huge) list of questions about the course and found the following sources for answers:

  • Surviving The Cut: Ranger School (Discovery Channel documentary on Ranger School)
  • The Coveted Black and Gold (journal of a soldier in Ranger School in 2006)
  • Communication During Ranger School: A Recap (blog post from a Ranger School wife, summer of 2011)
  • Ranger School (blog post from a Ranger School Wife, fall of 2011)

I am one of those Army wives. My husband left for Ranger School 10 days ago. He asked me not to write about it until he made it through RAP Week (didn’t want to jinx it). Well, as of last Thursday, he made it through what I believe will go down as the hardest three days of his life. I couldn’t be more proud of my Ranger!

In the hopes of creating another source of answers (or even just experiences) for future Ranger School families, I’m going to keep track of our 61 days in a little series I like to call True Life: I’m A Ranger School Wife.

10 down…51 days to go…


  1. Yeehaw! Good luck to both of you!!

  2. Way to make the best of a really tough situation, Allison!!

  3. Awesome! My husband went to Ranger school when I was pregnant with our 4th, and if he had gotten recycled he would have missed the baby being born. Talk about motivation! lol! He got straight through, with a couple broken ribs and about 30 lbs lighter. It’s a crazy experience for them, the stories he told us were just wild. If you can go to the graduation, you should!!

  4. Regina Bailes says

    My son left for Ranger school just about 4 hours ago…I shed a few tears and still want to cry when I think of him…I am glad I found this blog.

    • Regina- I know just how you feel! The beginning is the worst, but each day down is another closer to the end! You will get stronger, because your Ranger needs to know he doesn’t have to worry about anything back home. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. GOOD LUCK!!!

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