true life: i’m a ranger school wife — links i like.

Here is a complete list of Ranger School links I like and check often, if not daily:

  • Ranger School Student Information Page
    • From this link, if you click onto the Student Information Page, you’ll find information on the three phases (Darby, Mountains, Swamps), student mail and graduation. You can also find the Ranger School Schedule (or Class Dates) for each class. This is the official source for all things Ranger School.
  • Ranger School Powerpoint
    • Interesting stats, but, more importantly, the calendar for each phase.
Social Media: 
  • Ranger School Wives 2012
    • A private Facebook Group for the 2012 RSWs (and fiances and girlfriends). If your year doesn’t have one of these, you should start one!
  • “Ranger School”
    • A search on Twitter to see who’s talking about Ranger School.
    • Pearls for Tags — Women of Army Men
      • A group of women, who, willingly or unwillingly, have come to be a part of this structured chaos known as the United States Army. We are the ladies behind our men in uniform — and damned proud of it. This blog was started by significant others of the final Ranger School class of 2012
    • The Coveted Black and Gold 
      • I read this journal from a soldier in Ranger School in 2006 (who has since been killed in action) every day to get a good idea of what my ranger is going through. He chronicles in great detail the day to day of life in Ranger School. It is a really great resource.
      • Communication During Ranger School: A Recap 
        • I refer to this blog post from a RSW (Ranger School Wife), summer of 2011, if I have questions about communication during Ranger School. She is there to answer questions to this day!
      • Ranger School 
        • I check back with this detailed blog post for another story of life as a RSW from fall of 2011.
      Where on the web are you going for Ranger School info?

      Ranger tab


      1. I was a Ranger School Wife as well! Just wait for the “after Ranger School” behavior. Iris’ Dad used to eat an entire box of Entamann’s chocolate covered doughnuts each night, in the dark, at about 1am.

      2. Thanks for the shout out, Allison! 🙂

      3. Thanks for including me on the list! I am always happy to respond to anyone’s questions about my experience with Ranger School.

      4. Fantastic resources! Love your blog!

      5. Hey! Just a quick question at graduation, who pins the Ranger Tab?

        • Anyone can pin his tab…it’s really up to your Ranger. I pinned it on my husband, but I know some soldiers have their girlfriends/fiances/parents do it. Or if there is a Ranger in their family, they might have them at the ceremony to do it. Also some Rangers want someone in their chain of command or a fellow soldier they respect to pin their tab on. It really is just their preference, and I’m sure he’ll let you know!

      6. I wanted to say thank you for all this great information. My fiancee is going to Ranger School next month, and while I know he can do it (hopefully in one go like your husband, which is awesome by the way!!), I’m still nervous and trying to learn as much as I can. This is great!

        • allisonmwilhelm says

          Anne- I’m so glad it has been helpful so far. I remember how hard things were before Ranger School- all the train-up, the layout of equipment and supplies…we were living and breathing Ranger School for weeks before he actually left! In a way I was glad when he got started, but it was hard to know he’d be gone for so long and mostly out of communication. Try to find a buddy! Join the Facebook group for his year- 2014. Just search for Ranger School Wives. The group is really nice because EVERYONE is in the same boat as you, so you won’t feel as lonely as you might. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help you, please let me know. I am happy to try! And please share my information with anyone who you think could benefit from it, too! Good luck to you and your fiancé! RLTW!

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