true life: i’m a ranger school wife — do you have your battle buddy?

If you ask me, one of the worst things about Ranger School, especially if you’re coming out of a course (like BOLC or the MCCC) and are not assigned to a unit, is that there is no Ranger School Family Readiness Group (FRG). Without an FRG, it is so easy to feel isolated and lonely. You lack current information, commiseration and motivation.

It’s hard to be the one left behind, but to be left behind without an understanding should to cry on is even worse! So I ask you this (and for best effect, say the following in the voice of Crush from Finding Nemo): DO YOU HAVE YOUR BATTLE BUDDY?

Here is my advice on how to find your battle buddy (ideally with a ranger in the same class as yours):

  • Facebook: I found a group called Ranger School Wives 2012. It was created for wives/significant others whose other halves are beginning or in Ranger School. It was created so that we would have current information, encouragement and a sense of community. In other words…a virtual FRG! This group is a great source of information. None of us know everything about the course or what’s going on, but together we know a lot!
  • Twitter: Search “Ranger School,” and see who’s talking about it. Then reach out to them! Don’t forget to check back on this search every once in a while. People may not be saying anything relevant today, but you never know about tomorrow!
  • Blogs: Do a keyword search for “Ranger School,” “Ranger School Blogs,” “Ranger School Wives,” etc. Use your imagination, and see what turns up. Having a blog to read by someone in the same situation as you can be really encouraging. Don’t be afraid to comment on their posts, either. Starting a conversation is the first step to making a friend!
  • Ask Your Ranger: In one of your very first letters, ask your Ranger if he has made any friends. He most definitely has, since no one makes it through Ranger School alone! Find out the names of some of his buds and, more importantly, the names of their wives/fiances/girlfriends! He may be able to get this back to you in a letter, but, if not, you can always get some names when he’s pass after Phase 1. Then, Facebook/Email/Text/Call that gal! She is probably looking for a battle buddy, too!
How did you find your Ranger School Battle Buddy?
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  1. Didn’t have a battle buddy. It was the longest almost 3 months of my LIFE. It felt like a deployment, no communication at all is so hard. And the letters I DID get…..let me just say that when my husband is severely sleep deprived he stops making sense. lol! And forget about the 5 minute phone calls, they can’t think straight enough to answer any questions my husband just wanted to tell me he was moving on to the next phase and then go take a nap while everyone else made their phone calls. So I hope you find a good battle buddy and the time goes by faster for you!

    • I’m so worried about the 5 minute phone call! What should I say? Should I just let him tell me pass or recycle? I miss him so much, I’m worried I’m going to just start talking and never stop.

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