from pin to project: penne rosa.

My Pin: Penne Rosa

Penne Rosa via Allison on Pinterest

My Project: Penne Rosa

Penne Rosa
I tried this: July 2012

Alterations: I used non-whole wheat pasta (because it’s what my husband prefers) and left out the shrimp (because I was pregnant).

Thoughts: This is an AWESOME variation on the old “pasta with sauce” standby. Give me Penne Rosa any day of the week! As my husband was eating it, he even said “I like this. It tastes like that dish I get from Noodles and Company!” A couple of tips… Make sure the oil isn’t too hot when you add the garlic or it’ll brown/crisp up too quickly. When adding the spinach, I tried taking it off the heat/covering it to wilt for two minutes and it didn’t work. So I put it back on medium head and stirred until it wilted down. When I make this again, I’ll saute the mushrooms better so that they brown, release more flavor and have a better texture. Also I’ll add more spinach (you can never have too much in my opinion). I might throw some grated parmesan into my sauce to make it a little saltier. Finally, I just eyeballed my sauce/yogurt ratio and it worked out fine!


  1. Um, that looks freaking incredible. On the menu for this week!! Thanks 🙂

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