from pin to project: latch catcher.

My Pin: Latchy Catchy
Latchy Catchy

My Project: Latch Catcher

DIY Handmade Latch Catcher

I tried this: May 2012

Alterations: I didn’t know the dimensions for the fabric, so I just measured around the door frame from handle to handle for length and from the top of the latch to bottom for width. I also tried to use an internal layer of minky between my fabrics for cushion, but accidently layered it like a sandwich (instead of fabric-fabric-minky), so when I turned it inside out, the minky was on the outside and the fabric ended up on the inside. Also, I didn’t measure my elastic, I just winged it.

Thoughts: This device doesn’t stop a door from slamming. It just makes it so that you can pull a door closed without the click of the latch. It would be better on a door that is tighter on the hinge, rather than looser. All in all, not the most useful of the crafts that I’ve tackled. Plus my finished project doesn’t look nearly as good as the pin photo does. Oh well…


  1. Still a good project!! *I* think it looks good. 🙂 And I woke my daughter up last night while trying to close her door because apparently our latches are from 1742 and creak and ping like no other when opening and closing. So useful- yes. definitely. 🙂

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