from pin to project: quick envelope pillow cases.

My Pin: Quick Envelope Pillow Cases

Tutorial Quick Envelope Pillow Case

My Project: Quick Envelope Pillow Cases

Hudson models with our new pillow cases.

I tried this: June 2012

Alterations: N/A

Thoughts: This tutorial was a little mentally draining for the measuring-deficient, like myself. My brain was hurting. But after creating one pillow with this pattern, I was sold. It was SO quick and SO easy. I cranked out five pillow cases in just a couple of hours (including measuring, cutting and sewing). My couches have never looked better! My husband was shocked at the finished look/level of craftsmanship that these cases have, too. If you can get some great fabric on the cheap, this is a GREAT way to get the look you want for less!


  1. That is an awesome picture because one of Hudson’s eyes matches the couch, and the other matches the pillow cases. Pretty crafty, honey!

  2. I love both of you.

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