from pin to project: nursery mobiles.

My Pin: Project Wedding’s Modern Colorful Mobiles
Project Wedding's Modern Colorful Mobiles

My Project: Nursery Mobiles
DIY Handmade Baby Mobiles

I tried this: May 2012

Alterations: Instead of fishing weights, I used little pendants from the craft store to weigh these down.

Thoughts: Although a bit labor-intense on the upfront, these mobiles are the perfect addition to our nursery. They blow and spin with just the slightest breeze (or a/c from the vent), are really eye catching and make a cool, modern statement in the room. We hung five of these at varying heights over the crib. Maddie doesn’t yet sleep in her crib, but I know she will love laying underneath them and gazing up at the cool design. I already love looking at them while nursing in the recliner!

Update: If I made these again, I would use some of the thicker vellum paper, as the thinner pieces have really curled up. Also, Madeline is in her crib now, and she spends a long time each morning looking up at these, while chatting to herself. They are awesome!


  1. cute cute!

  2. How cool looking!

  3. You could use crystals for weights and get some rainbow action, as well. Pretty – in the photo and in person.

  4. Hey hun!! I love your blog! I nominated you for a Leibster Award!!


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