nothing but baby.

In case there was any chance I had forgotten, this week reminded me that I will soon be a mother.

Monday night, I went to a childbirth class. Andrew wasn’t able to go with me, because he had a OPORD to brief the next day and had to practice with his partner. He missed the tour of the hospital where I will be delivering. They showed us the (private!) L&D rooms (complete with enormous spotlight that descends from the ceiling as you are crowning, so that everyone can really  see everything), the (private!) recovery rooms (which look a little bit like prison cells), the ORs and the NICU.

On the one hand, I was glad to see everything beforehand. It was like a trial run of what I will go through in just about five weeks. No surprises. On the other hand, I could have done without seeing the woman in labor, being wheeled into the room our tour group had just occupied. She was laying on her side on a stretcher, her face hidden by her arm, and she looked to be about 3/4 of the way to death. Turns out she was 10cm and ready to push when she was admitted. She was asking for an epidural which they couldn’t give to her, and they were telling her not to push because her doctor wasn’t there yet…. Yeah… Not my favorite memory of that “class.”

My second not-favorite memory of that “class?” Watching the birth video. I am a firm believer that a woman who is 34 weeks pregnant should not be shown a video of an actual vaginal birth. There’s just not much else to say about it besides, “I could have done without that, too.”

On Tuesday, I went to my non-stress test (NST) at Maternal Fetal Medicine. I go for these tests twice a week. If the baby were to present with a consistent elevated heart rate, we might assume she was hyperthyroid and potentially need to be delivered early. Also they check to see how she tolerates activity in the womb and contractions. Turns out, I had quite the stressed out uterus that morning. I had seven contractions in the 20 minutes I was hooked up to the monitors. This worried the tech and the doctor, and I was checked for dilation. Luckily, the shop was all closed up. They sent me home without further explanation.

Tuesday night, I continued to regularly (but painlessly) contract.

Wednesday morning- more of the same. So I called my OB, wondering if I was just supposed to allow this to go on. They told me to come in right away. So in I went. I was swabbed for a fetal fibronectin test– negative, checked for dilation- closed and given another NST- still contracting. All, for the most part, indicated that I was not in preterm labor. But they told me to come back Thursday for another NST. They also advised me up up my water/gatorade intake (which I did), in case I was dehydrated.

Thursday, I went in for the NST- contracting much more infrequently and mildly. The results were encouraging, and the baby continues to tolerate everything perfectly. I was relieved and reassured that the little lady wouldn’t be making her debut anytime soon.

Friday, I had an appointment with my endocrinologist. Andrew was able to attend this appointment with me, which I know he was happy about. We have been pretty fearful of the effects my Graves Disease and hypothyroidism will have on our daughter. And to date, this doctor, Dr. Leichter (who has 43 years as an endocrinologist) in Columbus, GA, has been the only person able to educate and reassure us enough that, so long as my thyroid levels (specifically my TSH) are kept in a normal range, our baby will be born healthy.

Five straight days of nothing but baby.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a reminder, today, I put on a maternity swimsuit and “swam” laps in the indoor pool on post. You’re already laughing? I’ll do you one better. Picture a beluga whale who has lost her buoyancy, in a black polka dot tankini, using a bright blue lifebelt and kick boards to stay afloat and maneuver up and down the “medium” speed lap lane. Got it? Well, that was me. All 35 weeks of me and my smokin’ hot, fast moving baby-bod.

This is my life, and it’s all a little surreal. I’m huge. I’m uncomfortable. I’m tired. I’m hungry. I’m hot. I’m impatient. I’m pregnant. I’m having a baby. I’m round. I’m incubating. I’m healthy. I’m nurturing. I’m prepared. I’m excited. And I am so, so blessed. A little nervous, too.


  1. That was a great recap of the week!

  2. Holy smokes, that sounds like a lot. I’m glad the stress tests are going well, the contractions have slowed down and the baby tolerates the stress well! We’re in the crunch time too and everything is baby baby baby. I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone!

    • You jinxed me! Monday we had a non-reactive stress test, and I had to go to the hospital for a longer one (2 hours), which she ended up passing. The day was basically this whole week of appointments, crammed into one day- 3 drs offices, 1 hospital and 1 childbirth class. I’m ready for her to be here and home with us already!

  3. LOL, the description of you swimming laps was HILARIOUS! Hang in there, girlie. You are SO close!!

  4. It’s just good practice for the baby taking over your life once she is here! 😉

    In answer to your question on my blog, my husband will be teaching in the Life Science department. We are really excited about being at WP!

    • So great! You’ll have to let me know how your experience is- from application to time in grad school to being at WP. Do you think you’ll want to live on post there? I’d LOVE to, but my husband thinks it might be a good time to buy a house…

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