from pin to project: minky baby blanket.

And now, the moment you didn’t even know you’ve been waiting for…the first post in my new “from pin to project” series!

>My Pin: Minky Baby Blankets from Girls Gone Child
Girls Gone Child's Minky Stroller Blankets

My Project: Minky Baby Blanket
DIY Handmade Minky Baby Blanket

I tried this: April 2012

Alterations: I didn’t do a trim, the way that GGC’s mom did. It would have been way too much for this newbie…

Thoughts: I am thrilled to be able to give our daughter a super cute, durable, versatile, hand sewn blanket, which only cost about $15 in fabric and about four hours of my time (made at our first Craft Wednesday). It was my first time using a sewing machine (with lots of help and guidance from my friend, Tara), and it won’t be the last. Minky is a very difficult fabric to work with and requires lots and lots of pinning prior to sewing. If at all possible, I will come up with alternative fabrics to use instead of minky in the future.


  1. They’re sooo cute!!! Congrats on the little girl 🙂

  2. VERY cute!!!

  3. I never heard of minky.

  4. Yes, Minky is a slick fabric….not for beginners, but it looks like you did very well. Pins are our friends when sewing. Good Job, Allie.

    • Hahah! That is what the woman cutting the fabric at Hobby Lobby said, except she was totally rude- “You’re using that? With that fabric? For a blanket? Well, good luck!” I condescended right back, “Well I’d be happy to take any expert advice you have to offer me…oh no? Nothing? Mkay, bye bye.” Needless to say, minky was a totally frustrating fabric, but, while it’s not perfect, I think for a first-timer I really did okay!

  5. How pretty! I love minky blankets!! 🙂


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