pretty great news.

Hey, guys! I just realized that I forgot to tell you some pretty great news…

We’re having a baby!

I’m 15 weeks and 2 whole days pregnant. Just started the second trimester. I’m the lucky gal who had a real breeze of a first trimester- no morning sickness, normal weight gain, sprinkled with tons of tiredness, a couple of killer headaches and a rash on my face (reaction to new pre-natals). The second trimester has been good so far…a few more nagging headaches, weird upper back pain and joint pain in my shoulders, elbows and wrists and a popped-baby-bump to boot.

Our baby is the size of an avocado. The baby is healthy- we got to have 2 sonograms so far (the one above is from 12 weeks) and we got to hear the heartbeat (but they didn’t calculate it). I’m healthy. Andy is healthy. And we’re all really, really happy!


  1. AWWWW, congratulations!!!! I’m so happy and excited for you guys! I’m also pregnant…14 weeks and 1 day, but haven’t “announced” it on my blog yet! Feel free to email me at 🙂

  2. Congratulations!

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