Today I am thankful. I have a magnificent husband, who is spending our first married Thanksgiving in Iraq. I am thankful to him for his selfless service to our country and for loving me so so much during this past almost year of marriage (almost 9 months deployed). I am thankful I’ve gotten to talk to him on the phone three times already today. I am thankful that I am sitting in the airport writing this post, on my fabulous iPhone 4, while waiting to fly back to NY to be with my family for the holiday weekend. I am thankfuk for USA Parking, who picked me up at my car and dropped me off right in front of my gate. I am thankful for the woman who told me there was no line at the other security checkpoint (even though I kept thinking, “by the time I get down there there will be”). She wasn’t lying. I am thankful for not having to go through a body scan or a pat down. I am thankful that I am able to leave Lily with a dogsitter who comes highly recommended, who loves and spoils dogs like they are her own, who Lily really likes and who will have other dogs for Lil to play with while she is there. I am thankful that I will be skyping with Andy when all my family is together at the table. The thought of it and being apart brings tears of sadness to my eyes, but we are so lucky to have technology that can bring us together. I am thankful I get to be with my family for the Thanksgiving football game- featuring our NY Jets!! I am thankful that even though I can’t watch the parade live, I got to see the Rockettes live two days ago (and I can watch a recording)! The list goes on and on. I am very fortunate, and I am very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. And I’m really thankful for landing an hour early!!!

  2. oh allie. you are cute as a button! I love all your airport references- I can relate! I am grateful for every little thing that makes me flying more efficient and landing an hr early is even more fabulous. did i mention that i love csprings airport?! =) hope you had a good thanksgiving. im thankful for ur lovely blog

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