milspouse friday fill-in.

1. If you could be a fugitive from the law for whatever reason, what would your crime be? (from It’s a Hooah Life)

I had to google “What can you be a fugitive for?’ I don’t think I’m cut out to be a fugitive…
2. How long do you think you will be a military family? (from Julie the Army Wife)
This is an ongoing question in our family, one that doesn’t seem to have an answer…
Plan 1: Andrew and I can see ourselves staying in- he’d go to captain’s career, deploy as a co. commander, go grad school on the Army’s dime, have babies, teach physics at West Point, I’d get a job teaching music at Marist, then we’d stick it out for 20 at WP or in DC, Andrew would get a high paying job on top of his retirement, and we would have homes all over the world and live happily ever after traveling from place to place.
Plan 2: Andrew and I can see ourselves getting out after his five year commitment- he’d go to grad school with his GI bill and student loans, he’d then get a multimillion dollar job, we’d have babies, I’d work part time doing something fantastic when our kids got older, and we would live happily ever after in our huge house with enormous fireplace on our farm in upstate NY, where we would also own and operate a pumpkin patch and apple orchard.
Plan 3: Andrew and I can see ourselves getting out after he’s stayed in long enough to have the Army cover all of grad school- then we’d continue with plan 2.
*Disclaimer- I may or may not have fantasized the plans a little bit, but you’re got to start somewhere right?*
3. What’s your favorite recipe? (from ME- Keep Calm and Soldier On)
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. I’ve probably tried 10 different recipes and then tried coming up with my own. But the best recipe I’ve come across can’t be beat.

4. What would you want your last five words to be when you leave this life? (from My Goal is Simple)
Thank you. I love you.
5. Where do you hope to retire? (from Pennies from Heaven)
See my answer to number two, plan 2.


  1. Your answer to #1 made me laugh. And I love your plans for retirement….

  2. If you couldn’t tell by my countdown post- I live for the autumn and all that comes with it! 🙂

  3. Hi! Thank you for your comment on my blog! =)

    I think I kinda love you. I love ALL of your answers here. I actually posted on my FB asking my friends what would their crime be because I needed inspiration cuz I’m so boring otherwise and could NOT think of ANYTHING. Hehe. =)

    Your last words? Beautiful. And absolutely fitting.

    Your answer for the military family question made me laugh. I totally agree with you. There’s nothing wrong fantasizing. That’s how we got to where we are as humans. Somebody had to do something crazy. 😉

    PS: The meatballs are AMAZING. Especially with husband’s recipe for mashed potatoes. 😉

  4. #2 is great, and yes, it’s ok for a girl to dream!
    Chocolate Chip Banana Bread sounds delicious!

  5. Your answers were awesome! I love your plans for #2. It’s so funny, but we have the whole ‘stay in vs. get out’ convo about once a week!

  6. OMG. Chocolate chip banana bread sounds amazing!

    Thanks for participating and I hope to see you at the next MFF!

  7. Kimberly In Seattle says

    Thanks for sharing the chocolate chip banana bread recipe! It sounds delicious 🙂

  8. hey, cousin! make your banana bread with bananas instead of eggs. it’ll give it more banana flavor while keeping the same consistency. bananas are a substitute for eggs in anything baked but they’re best for this!
    ratio: 1 mashed, ripe banana for 1 large egg

  9. I hope you guys try the recipe! I just bought 8 bananas and stuck them on the counter to ripen (until brown). I’m going to make one loaf for me and one loaf to mail to my husband! I’m so generous.

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