the big top.

Iris & Aubrie, Ellie & Chrissy checking out the circus animals before we went inside.

Ellie & Chrissy and the Cartier’s clownin’ around before the show…

The National Anthem. This is so moving in person- an elephant and his rider parading the American flag around the ring during the anthem. It was majestic.
Check out these contortionists!! We saw some amazing acrobatics.
Man vs. Tiger
My Favorite: The Elephants!!
The Finale!
Me, Chrissy & Iris- Future Circus Performers. I will be an elephant rider, Chrissy will be a stilt walker and Iris will be a contortionist. Thanks FUNUNDRUM, for a super fun night! It really was the greatest show on Earth!


  1. GREAT photos! Looks like a really fun time for the Army families – thanks to your generous work folk.

  2. Sisser! These photos looks professional! Unbelievable color, contrast. I’m blown away!

  3. I think I’ve found a new career! Circus photographer! Coming soon to a city near you.


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