it’s such a lily thing to do.

So as you probably can tell by now, my life on the home front mainly consists of my day to day with our pup, Lily. Hopefully my stories of our whacky puppy are not boring you out of your seats. They’re not? Good.

Yesterday, over instant message, I was telling Andy stories about Lily to try to make him smile after a long, hot day full of inventories and no power. I told him about Lily’s escape up the stairs escapades. How she tries to run SO fast, to get away from me, that she faceplants the whole way up. And how when she comes back down she goes equally as fast, but this time because she’s scared. She makes herself flat like a pancake and basically slides face-first, thumping and thudding the whole way down.

I also told him about Lily’s fear of the vacuum cleaner. She barks and barks and darts to and fro trying to get it, but sprints away as soon as I push it toward her. I’ve tried holding it still so she can get close, I’ve tried turning it off and pushing it in her direction. All of it makes her crazy.

Speaking of irrational fears… Lily LOVES car trips. She runs straight the the back of the car and waits for me to open the trunk for her. Then she throws her paws up on the bumper and waits for me to lift her in. When we get where we are going, I’ll go around open the trunk, and she’ll stand on the edge…and become paralyzed. She cannot convince herself to jump the maybe three feet to the ground to get out. I’ve tried waving treats, tried pulling her forward, waiting for lengthy periods of time for her to get up the nerve, but our (37 lb.) fraggle only wants to be picked up and placed on the ground. The girl is really big, but she just. won’t. jump. Come to think of it, she won’t even jump off of a high curb…

Finally, I was telling him one of my favorite things. If you call Lily from across the room or if you throw her toys to fetch, etc. she will RUN AS FAST AS SHE CAN and then barrel into whatever she is running toward, because she can’t stop her momentum. People, walls…everything. The cutest part is that she usually tries to slow herself down and all four of her paws will  be scampering underneath her, like Bambi on ice, before crashing. It is adorable.

Andrew said he really wishes he could be with her during these puppy months, so that he’d be a  part of all the stories I constantly tell him. At first this made me sad. It has been 3 months, today, since Andrew deployed to Iraq. Our puppy has gained 30 pounds since he last saw her. She has grown from a puppy that he could hold in one hand to a puppy that can jump and put her paws up on the counter tops. She has grown from a puppy he had to carry up the stairs to a puppy that takes them at a run.

He is missing so much. All of the guys are. They are missing their son’s first laugh, their daughter’s first steps, kids’ first soccer games, high school graduations, puppy training graduations… We miss them; they miss their whole life back home.

I want Andy to be a part of our life on the home front. It’s the reason I started this blog. The reason I take so many pictures. And the reason I came up with an even better idea (at least I think). I brought my camera to training class last night, and after class I asked Karen, our trainer, if she would take a video to send to my husband of me calling Lil from across the store and of her running to me. We did a couple of takes to try to catch the scamper before the crash, but this one made me laugh the most. It sums Lilypad up so perfectly. And hopefully Andrew can picture himself behind the camera, capturing the whole thing himself.

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic


  1. I love Lily, she is so cute. And – she is a good runner!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Mom! She really misses you!


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