pretty okay.

Alright here goes nothing…
April 27th. A crazy day at work. Tons of appointments. Super stressful. 5PM on the dot I race out of the office and do not speed home. I call Iris on the way home and ask her if she needs to leave her house at 5:30 or be at her Pampered Chef promotion meeting at 5:30…leave. Alright I’ll be over as soon as I change and let Lily out. I run inside, let the pup out, change into jeans and drive over to Iris’. I get out of the car and see the kids at the door jumping up and down. I walk up taking a few deep breaths, telling myself to leave the day behind me and open the door. SURPRISE!!!!! Iris and Chrissy are standing at the door all dressed up, looking beautiful, and the kids are throwing themselves all over the place. Surprise what? Surprise!!! ::blank stare:: Surprise Chrissy is going to your meeting? Surprise we are going to the Melting Pot for a Murder Mystery Dinner!! We are?? Really? Really! Go home and change, we’re meeting all the girls there. ::looks around to see if its a joke:: You guys are lucky I have straight hair today!!
Iris, Chrissy and I met Alisha, Lauren and Shelly at the restaurant and an amazing evening commenced. From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted by characters in the mystery. I had never been to one of these before, but my inner investigative reporter came out. Who are you? Earle? Do you like your brother, Merle? Where’s your sister Pearl? Why do you all hate Dahlia? She a skank? Is she in it for the money? VIXEN! 
All through a fantastic fondue dinner and dessert, we dug and dug. What’s a Doozenberg? Why are you lying about the car? What’s in your purse? Turn around, I’m gonna pat you down. Well…all of our hard work and copious notes paid off. Team Jason’s Angels was the only team that night to correctly identify Dahlia’s killer!! The perfect close to a perfect night with my perfect friends!! Thank you to all of you for caring about me enough to throw me my first ever surprise party! You made my birthday amazing!
Keeping in the birthday spirit, my Mom and my Gram came out the weekend after my birthday to spend some quality time with me. We started the weekend at the Enlisted Spouses Craft Fair, where my family scored some 1-8 crafts and $10 jewels that I think made their whole weekend! Next we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo- a family favorite. Our first stop was the giraffes, where we saw the two new baby boys born in April 2010.
We took some good advice from my boss, Phill, and took the tram to the top of the zoo and made our way downhill. I know my favorite place is always the monkey house. Baby Godek was finally detached from his mama and was swinging all around his home. This little guy was born a year ago in February, and Andy and I voted on his name when he was born. Godek means sideburns- as you can see, we chose wisely!
After the zoo we took Lily-Girl to the vet for some shots. She weighs 22 lbs now!!! She is growing very very fast. She is also an expert at getting vaccinations. She doesn’t cry or anything. Very dissimilar to her home attitude, where she has turned into a teenager. She now likes to act very defiant- never wanting to go into her bed, laying on the floor and turning her head away from me and barking…not going outside for potty unless someone goes out with her, and when they do she bites their ankles. She is like a different puppy. A bad one. But I love her a lot. She’s cute, even when she’s bad.
That night we went to Jake and Telly’s for some delicious Greek cuisine. I had lamb and pita and pretended I was in Iraq with Andy. Except I washed mine down with a Bristol’s Beehive and some tzaziki sauce. Sorrryyyyyy honnneeeyyyyyyy……..
Sunday we went to our old faithful, Nosh. The highlights included seared scallops, roasted cauliflower, and this dessert.
Why yes this is lemon angel food cake with blueberry deliciousness on top, and no I don’t want to share.
Mom and Gram were and always are super helpful. We hung up the rest of the photos in the house, we hung up the crap in the sports room, and we put together our NEW dining room table, which finally arrived! It looks AWESOME. I am so glad we got it. Thanks again, Crate and Barrel.
Other new additions to the house include:
  • A new flowery doormat, so that the neighbors don’t judge us for having a snowman out in April (not totally inappropriate in C/S anyway). Maybe we’ll win yard of the month now!?!
  • A new dry erase calendar- very very handy for when you need to see if it is trash day or if it is time to take your bad girl to puppy training.
  • A PS3- which I had to go all the way down to Pueblo to get. But you know what? It works. And it is even kinda cool. I don’t really know how to work it, but I know it plays blurays and that’s all I ask.
So my last thing I wanted to talk about was how I’m doing 1 and 3/4 months into the deployment. I’d say I’m doing okay. It’s both difficult and easier than I thought it would be. I think Andrew and I still have some kinks to work out in scheduling when we can really talk to each other, but once we figure it out I believe things will get a little better. It’s been tough for us to talk as much as I’d like to, because when he is free (at night for him) it is the middle of the work day for me. Talking on AIM is great, but not as great as a phone call or a video chat. I miss him. A lot. I miss him the most at night. When I am heating up something for dinner. When I am contemplating dessert options on the couch. When I am writing a blog post about my days wishing I could tell him every anecdote, every detail of every story. It’s hard to be without my best friend. I wish there was a way I could call him. It’s weird to not hold down the “A” on my cellphone at least 2 times per day or at all. It’s hard to have to type anything and everything I want him to know. I recognize that we are still lucky, despite the flaws. I try to always remind myself that at least it’s not WW2. Andrew is pretty safe, with a roof over his bed that has sheets and a pillow on it, with A/C in his room, with internet on his personal laptop, with X-box on the TV he and Chris bought. He is pretty okay. And I am too.
PS- He got one of the packages I sent him over the weekend. He also got one from my sis. I got to see him on skype as he looked through the boxes, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him so happy. You would have thought it was Christmas. Brownies, peach o’s, cheez itz? It might as well have been.

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